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SCHOOLS:  Muntinlupa National High School, Polytechnic University of the Philippines.
OCCUPATION: Tee-girl, sorbertera pag umaga pag gabi rumarampa!!!
BIRTHDAY: Oct. 30, 1987
CEL NO: 09194045267
HOBBIES & INTEREST: Reading, writing poems and stories.
FAVORITE BOOKS: Harry potter, Lord of the rings, mcbeth, the client.
FAVORITE MOVIES: Harry potter, Lord of the rings, final destination.
FAVORITE TV SHOWS: ala kaming tv eh radyo lang music na lang aq babawi!!!
FAVORITE MUSIC: Mellow music, mga MYMP, Before I let you go, One last cry, Dreaming of You, Thank God I found you!!!Xenxa na frustrated singer ang bruha!!!

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conflict negotiation and intergroup behavior